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Missing that specific color in your collection?

Take advantage of our Oops SALE! Snatch the one you have been waiting for at a Great Price!

This is an OOPS product with minor imperfections/defects. 

We pay great attention to details when it comes to our product quality. 

We felt some of these planners are not up to our quality standard to be sold at full price but are still beautiful and functions perfectly. Therefore we decided to sell them at a discount instead of creating waste to our planet earth.


Confirmation email will ONLY be sent if the defect does not classify for the General Defects list below. Please respond to confirmation emails within 3 business days to ensure product availability. Orders will be fulfilled as soon as the confirmation email is approved.  

General Defects for Cloud planner:

  • small marks on leather, ring cover, or button
  • minor misaligned interior pockets
  • minor bumps on the exterior of the planner

If you wish to receive a confirmation email regardless of the condition,  please write "confirmation email required"  in the note section of your order. This may take 2-3 more business days to process. 


 Tier A | $5 off

  • Tiny scratches on the leather


  • Minor mis-aligned stitching


  • Minor pocket misalignment
Tier B | $10 off
  • Marks on the leather cover

  • Tiny scratches on the leather

  • Minor mis-aligned stitching  
  • Pocket misalignment
  • All oops planners are sorted and shown from best to worst condition within the discount tier. The earlier you place your order, the better options you have!
  • Please reply our CONFIRMATION EMAIL within 7 business days. Item will be released to other customers after this time frame.
  • Once a CONFIRMATION REPLY is received, all oops planners will be shipped within 3 business days. Orders with personalization will be shipped within 7 business days.
  • Customer Service Team hours: 9am – 6pm PST 
  • Questions? Email us at shop@auraestelle.com OR click on the [Message Us] button on the bottom right corner of our home page.



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