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  • We know you have been looking everywhere to find the perfect notebook that combines fashion and durability, while also nesting a home for your important information.   
    Curated with high-quality imported European leather normally reserved for top end luxury handbags, Aura Estelle has elegantly combined fashion and functionality. We have designed the “Lock-it” notebook just for you.

          The “Lock-it” notebook will be your everyday companion as it easily transforms from your go-to notebook for meetings in the workplace to your romantic memoir in the bedroom.    

          Just like an outfit change, you can easily swap out your “Lock-it” notebook cover to match whatever you have scheduled for the day, or for just the sake of shaking things up. 

          Touch and feel the quality of Aura Estelle.





        • Material
          Top grain Saffiano leather
          Gold plated hardware

          Cover Size (exterior)
          A6 ( 130 mm x 175 mm / 5.1” x 6.9”)

          Insert Compatibility
          AE A6 insert ( 115 mm x 160 mm / 4.5” x 6.3”)
          Standard A6 notebooks (105 mm x 148 mm / 4.1” x 5.8”)
          Fits any standard A6 notebooks or inserts (e.g hobonichi techo A6)

          Ruled Line: Undated
          Timeslot: Undated

          Timeslot: Monday Start

        • Q: How do I make a flat writing surface when the buckle is right under the front cover?
          A: Pull the belt to the left to reposition the buckle when the cover is laid open to achieve a flat writing surface.

          Q: My Lock-It belt is very tight and hard to pull.
          A: Gently rub the edges of the belt with candle wax or hand cream to loosen the belt. The belt will also naturally loosen up after wear.

          Q: How do I take care of the leather?
          A: Use a clean damp cloth to wipe out any dirt on the Saffiano leather, and dry water residue with a dry cloth.

          Q: Will the Saffiano leather soften after wear?
          A: Yes, the Saffiano leather softens and becomes pliable after wear.

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