Dec.3rd B6 Classic Planners + Airy Covers

Shipping: Due to large amount of Black Friday orders, all orders from the restock on Dec.3rd will start to ship on Dec.15th. 

Pre-order Item: ships within 3-6weeks. Please place a separate order for any pre-order items. If your order has multiple items and contains a Pre-order item, your order will be shipped when the Pre-order item becomes available.

Q & A 

Q: Will there be bundle deals?

A: No. Due to limited inventory, there won't be bundle deals in this restock.

Q: Will the Tan color Airy cover be restocked? 

A: Only a few oops ones will be listed. Please wait for Jan restock for regular Tan covers.

Q: When will the pre-order Macchiato ship? 

A: Due to current shipping situation, please allow 3-6weeks for the Macchiato Airy cover to ship. Please purchase the Macchiato in a separate order to ensure the rest of your item is shipped fast.

Q: Does the Lavender Cream cover come with a button like in the last batch?

A: No, the new Lavender Cream doesn't come with a button.

Q: How bad are the Oops planners? 

A: All oops planners have very minor imperfections. We won't list any bad quality products as oops.