Welcome to the creative playground of Aura Estelle.  
We are a Vancouver-based design company that values people and the planet as much as everything else we’re dreaming up.   
Since the official birth of our brand in 2017, we have found joy in every step of our planner design process. We weave together fashion and function to help people live their best and most organized life. 
Aura Estelle embodies our dream of a more sustainable world. Thank you all for your continued trust and support that makes this vision possible.
Our world is changing faster than ever. We are choosing to minimize our footprint on an already distressed planet. Our company is in the process of transitioning to 100% eco-responsible materials including EU approved biodegradable PU, recycled papers, recycled packaging materials and more.
2020 marks our expanding commitment to conscientious design. 
We will continue to create beautiful and functional planners for our beloved planner community, and our practice of strict quality control and integral customer service will remain in place.  
We are beyond excited for this new era of Aura Estelle, and over the moon to bring you along.