Damaged and Missing Parcels

Damaged Parcels

If you received a damaged parcel, please contact us immediately with photos attachments.  

Missing Parcels

Only missing parcels with FULL tracking are eligible to be claimed with Canada Post. We are unable to provide further updates on parcels shipped with non-tracked services. Click here to see our full list of shipping options. 

  • Incorrect Shipping Address 

Shipping address can only be changed BEFORE a parcel is shipped. If a parcel is shipped to an invalid address, the parcel will be returned to us. You can then pay for another postage to have the parcel reshipped to the correct address. If the parcel is delivered to the incorrect address, we will no longer be able to provide further actions as courier will deem service as completed.

  • Tracking says “delivered” but I did not receive it.

If your tracking updates that your parcel has been “delivered” but you did not receive the parcel, please email us. We will help you open an investigation ticket with Canada Post. Once the investigation ends, we will provide further updates in accordance to the investigation result.

  • Missing Parcel

If for any other reasons you did not receive your parcel. Please contact us immediately. We will open an investigation ticket with Canada Post. Once the investigation ends, we will provide further updates in accordance to the investigation result. 


About the Investigation Ticket 

The only way to a claim for a missing or damaged parcel is by opening an Investigation Ticket with Canada Post. We would not be able to send a replacement parcel before the investigation is completed. 

When can I open a ticket? 

  • For parcels that are stuck or delayed, Canada Post will start to accept tickets 14 days counting from the SHIPPING DATE.
  • For parcels that are marked "delivered" in the tracking, Canada Post will start to accept tickets 10 days counting from the DELIVERY DATE.

How long does it take to complete an investigation? 

  • It generally takes 10-30 days for an investigation period to end. Exception may apply for a small list of International countries. 

How late can I file for a missing or damaged parcel? 

  • The effective period for us to open an INVESTIGATION TICKET with Canada Post is: 

Domestic Parcels : 90 days from the shipping date.

US & International Parcels: 120 days from the shipping date.

Once this period has passed, we would no longer be able to help you open a ticket. No further actions can be done from our end. 

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