90 Days Limited Warranty Policy

Aura Estelle offers 90 days limited warranty on all Products. 


Oops Sale Product will come with minor defects due to the nature of the sale. These will not be covered in this Warranty. Only Ring Mechanisms and Buttons that do not perform its intended functionality are covered in this warranty.

Transferred /Pre-owned Products are not covered in this Warranty. This Warranty is valid and enforceable only if you purchased directly from us.

Dirt/Glue Residual from production are not considered quality issue. This can be removed by applying a small amount of non-alcohol hand cream and gently rubbing with a dry towel.

Wrinkles are not considered quality issue. For example, wrinkles on Bag Handles can be removed by stuffing the bag with soft clothing and hang overnight (a few days in colder areas).

Misuse of Products which includes but not limited to damage to the Product resulting from an accident, improper storage, misuse or abuse, mishandling, exposure to water, chemicals or other liquids.

Wear and Tear of Products which includes damage resulting from normal wear and tear unless occurring due to defective workmanship or materials in the hardware of your Product. 


How to Claim?

1. Contact Customer Service. Please email us at shop@auraestelle.com with Photos that describe the defective area/part along with order number. 

2. Once we confirm your claim, we will get back with offers that will best fix the situation (an exchange, repair or refund). 

e-mail: shop@auraestelle.com